Letter to individual landscaper

Dear Gardener or Landscaper,

Our neighborhood cares about your health and safety. Gas-powered leaf blowers and other gardening equipment are hazardous to your health. The noise can cause hearing loss. The fumes can cause asthma and neurological damage. The dirt that is blown into the air can contain bacteria, fungus, and viruses. The vibration of the equipment can cause damage to the nerves in the hands and arms.

It’s important to wear appropriate hearing protection and masks while using leaf blowers.

Electric leaf blowers are much safer to use. Electric blowers have no fumes, and they are quieter.

Although they can cost more to purchase, over time electric equipment is less expensive to use because there is no gasoline to buy. Our organization is working to establish a fund for a buy-back program so that you can turn in your a gas-powered leaf blower for an electric one at no cost to you.

For your health and safety, and the health of the community, please consider making the switch to electric equipment.

For more information, please see sd-sequel.org.

Best Regards,

SEQUEL San Diegans for Sustainable, Equitable, and Quiet Equipment in Landscaping

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