The goal of San Diegans for Sustainable, Equitable, & Quiet Equipment in Landscaping is to protect worker health and the environment by advocating for the enactment of an equitable ban on gas-powered leaf blowers in all jurisdictions of San Diego County. SEQUEL is committed to securing a trade-in or buy-back program before the ban takes effect to ensure an equitable transition from gas to electric leaf blowers.


Running a gas-powered leaf blower for one hour produces the same level of smog-forming pollution as driving a midsize sedan from Los Angeles to Denver (link). The emissions and noise levels from gas leaf blowers present a threat to public health. Children, older persons, and people with hearing disorders or neurological conditions like autism are especially vulnerable, as are equipment operators who experience the fumes and noise levels at close range (link). Transitioning to battery-powered landscaping equipment is a more sustainable alternative that would move us closer to meeting climate action goals and reduce harmful health effects.


SD-SEQUEL recognizes that transitioning to battery-powered landscaping equipment can initially result in higher costs for landscape companies and especially for small independent operators. We support equitable incentive programs such as buy-back and trade-in that make it possible for smaller landscape operators to transition to battery-powered equipment without bearing the disproportionate costs of doing so.


Noise from gas-powered landscaping equipment often exceeds safe decibel limits, causing hearing loss among equipment operators and interfering with residents’ right to the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of their homes and communities. Transitioning to battery-powered landscaping equipment will sharply reduce noise pollution and its harmful impact on hearing health and community wellbeing.


Gas-powered leaf blowers are among the noisiest and most polluting pieces of landscaping equipment. SD-SEQUEL is targeting leaf blowers as an initial step but supports phasing out the use of all gas-powered landscaping equipment—trimmers, mowers, edgers, and saws—as soon as possible.

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