Green Gardeners

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We are transitioning to battery-operated power tools for several reasons. We believe this is the direction the industry is heading and we want to be ahead of that trend. This also aligns with our company mission: to improve the local ecosystem through sustainable tree care. The use of battery-operated tools allows us to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

joseph eves, owner of coastal tree care
Company NamePhoneCommentsElectric BlowerGas-FreeHand Tools OnlyOrganic/
Chemical Free
Landcare Logic619-761-4931/
Has been transitioning to electric equipment for several years.X
Nissho of California760-727-9719X
Gonzalo Villarreal Landscape619-339-4003X
Eco Gardeners858-277-1100XXX
Columbine Landscape, Inc.760-747-3600
Transitioning to electric: blowers, hedgers, mowers, hand-held hedgers, string trimmers.X

Coastal Tree Care858-228-0480
Transitioning to all electric: blowers, hedgers, trimming saws.X