About Us

San Diegans for Sustainable, Equitable and Quiet Equipment in Landscaping (SD-SEQUEL) is made up of volunteers in cities throughout San Diego County who are dedicated to improving the health and welfare of all communities by transitioning to zero-emissions landscaping equipment. SD-SEQUEL was formed in 2021 to advocate for the enactment of an equitable ban on gasoline-powered leaf blowers in all jurisdictions of San Diego County to protect the environment and the health of landscape workers and the public.  

SD-SEQUEL is a coalition representing the views of numerous organizations, including Clean Earth for Kids, San Diego Climate Reality Project, SD350, Electrify Now, San Diego Sierra Club, League of Women Voters of San Diego, and other climate advocacy groups and concerned residents of San Diego County.

SD-SEQUEL does not receive any proceeds from, nor does it sell, promote, or endorse any product, service, or business or individuals selling or advertising a product. All content on this site or in any of our communications is for information purposes only.

Reach out to us at sd.sequel@gmail.com or Contact Us.

We’ve Taken the Pledge!

“We pledge to not take any money from the oil, gas, investor-owned utilities and coal industries, including political action committee contributions, and we pledge to always prioritize the interests of equity, human health, our community, workers and the environment over interests of the fossil fuel and investor-owned utility profits.”

Our Supporters